We are experienced machine tool professionals looking to import quality equipment to the United States and Canada with a successful partner who is interested in dramatically growing their business. Interested? Please read about our experience and existing operations.


We have been engaged in the buying, selling, importing and servicing of CNC MACHINE TOOLS for over 25 years. Our principals have worked in sales, importation and servicing for such builders as Makino, Mori Seiki, Mazak, Kitamura, Matsuura, Leadwell, Doosan, Makino EDM, Fanuc EDM and many more during these years!

We fully understand sales, service, application engineering, machine options and financing requirements for the various types of North American customers.

Over a fifteen year span, we have developed a specific, targeted database that categorizes customers by the type of machines as well as the make and model of the machines that they operate in their diverse shops.

We constantly track the location of most brands of machines as they are sold, as well as the movement of used machines from one user to another for the United States and Canada. This allows us to use instantaneous email communication with users, that targets their specific preferences.

We have experience setting up distributorships in key areas of the country and providing a complete support system for the distributor network.

As I mentioned above, our mission is to import high quality equipment to the United States and Canada with a successful manufacturing partner who is interested in growing their business DRAMATICALLY in North America.

In such a partnership many things are possible including the development of two product categories like Toyota and Lexus. This concept has worked well in the automotive market and has received favorable response from machine tool users. Another possibility would be the use of our Detroit/Midwest Service Center and warehouse as a distribution center and accessory and option installation facility. Many things are possible with the right partnership.

We are funded for importing various models and larger quantities.

In addition to a sales team that has work experience with major machine tool builders, we have a team of factory trained service engineers to satisfy any service problem, both mechanical and electrical. We are prepared to serve customers and distributors with our experienced team of professionals.

We feel that in the United States many of the CNC machine importers are trying to import and market too many brands and models from different manufacturers. We assure you that we will be focused on your product line only.

We feel there are many opportunities for the right partnership in the busy, growth oriented North American market. Please let us know if you are interested in forging a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Neal McKean


New York City
London, Ohio
Detroit, Michigan (National Service Center)
San Diego, California